Waters Edge Recovery International - London / Kerala / Florida

London HQ, , W1S 3AN

Boutique clinic offering intensive rest and psychosocial counseling and support for people in need of respite and counseling following life crisis.

Waters Edge Recovery International operate leading intensive rest and psychosocial counseling treatment centres in some of the most beautiful and appropriate parts of the world including Kerala, Florida and London. The centres provide residential as well as outpatient and long-term support for people in need of respite and counseling following life crisis, which may or may not include self-sabotaging behaviour. The WATERS EDGE AT KERALA programme addresses the whole person - body, mind and spirit.  The Kerala Clinic nestles amongst coconut trees close to the beach with calming views across the Arabian Sea.

As part of your care plan, you may choose a medically monitored detoxification, but this will be alongside a wealth of individual sessions,  groups and activities, designed around your own needs and choices. A full program of holistic therapies including Ayurvedic medicine is, of course, an integral part of this special location. Rest, renewal, superb food and support are essential for regaining emotional health and the whole experience is central to your treatment. You must feel comfortable, pampered and safe while engaging in a journey of discovery and symptom relief. 

Andhakaranazhi is a beautiful beach located approximately 30 kilometers from Kochi, one of the most beautiful beaches in Alleppey.

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