Serena House

25 Harley Street, London, W1G 9QW


'For those in the grips of drug and alcohol addiction, a new detox clinic is providing hope and a unique service for those looking to free themselves from addictions such as food and other substance abuse.

Serena House is both a luxurious and caring retreat, and a place where patients can receive a safe, consultant-led medical detox, right in the heart of London.

Dr Bruce Trathen, Consultant Addiction Psychiatrist at Serena House, says ‘We provide a holistic bio-psycho-social programme of care, which focuses on the expert identification of predisposing and precipitating factors for your condition as well as catering for your immediate health and other needs.’

Patients receive extreme care from the most qualified and experienced professionals in the UK; this is curative detox at the highest level. The high ratio of top doctors and addiction experts means a high quality, bespoke service is provided. A detox at Serena House may be a potentially life-saving intervention for many patients, and we are there to provide the best possible start.

Serena House offers world-class medical expertise all under one roof. Unlike most detox units, the clinic offers on-site diagnostic pathology and advanced imaging, as people with addictions often suffer from a range of potentially serious side-effects because of substance misuse. This may include a loss in bone density, hormone and lipid disorders and serious liver and kidney damage.

Therapy and medical attention is provided within a discreetly appointed London mews house; the clinical nutritionist-led, dietary care and detox dining will help nourish the body back to good health, addiction specialists provide emotional support during their stay.

Detox at Serena House is the first step to recovery; the patient returns to the world with revitalised health, a new outlook and a set of mental tools designed to help them cope.

Bruce Trathen acknowledges that the road to fighting addiction may not be straightforward. ‘Addiction can be a relapsing and remitting illness,’ he says.

‘Through the our bespoke detoxes our experts will work to minimize the chances of relapse by identifying the underlying factors, and working with you to formulate a long-term plan to avoid relapse.’

Serena House continues to offer its detox patients continuity of care via direct primary intervention options and bespoke care pathways with partner organisations, a process which continues even after they have been discharged.'

Appointments number is: 0203 883 9513/ 07387 018286

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Consultants practicing at Serena House