Dr Rachel Tomlinson

Registered with
5 years of experience
Personal approach statement


I am passionate about providing a personalised approach for each of my patients.  I believe that by putting the patient at the heart of the consultation we can start work towards their unique tailored goals.

Main medical interests:

I have a keen interest in Women’s health including menopause care, mental health, children's health and dermatology. 


I completed my medical training  at the University of Manchester in 2011 and qualified as a general practitioner in 2018.  I moved to the north east after my  GP training where I currently work in a large NHS practice along side my private work. 

Currently working four sessions a week doing NHS GP work and one session a week as a private menopause Doctor. I am a diplomate of the Royal College of Obstetricians and Gynecologist's (DRCOG) from April 2019, a member of the British menopause society through which I attend regular up date courses and conferences. 

Personal treatment philosophy

I aim to provide a warm and holistic approach to all my patients. I keep myself up dated on the latest treatment approaches and always keep the patient as the individual in mind.

Why did you choose to be a GP?

As a GP, we are in a rare and valuable position to oversee all aspects of our patients health care and in turn I think this makes us much more effective at seeing the bigger picture and not just treat each disease in turn.

What makes a ‘good day’ at the office ‘for you’?

A rewarding day would be following up a patient and seeing that the treatment or lifestyle interventions we offered had made a big difference to the quality of their life.

What piece of advice do you most often give to your patients?

A balanced lifestyle is the key to maintaining health through the ages and how this is put into practice will be unique for each individual patient.

Languages spoken: