Personal approach statement

Personal treatment philosophy

Focused 'Bio-Psycho-Social' aspects of patients presentation. Partnership with patient in treatment decisions ‘Therapeutic alliance’ to promote concordance.

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Dr Dave Cartland is a GP working in both the NHS and in private practice. He works in NHS Urgent Care as well as for The GP Clinic London.

His main medical interests include:

  • Musculoskeletal,
  • Paediatrics,
  • Mental Health,
  • Dermatology and
  • Urgent Care,

Dr Cartland also provides mentoring and teaching for medical students. He trained at Birmingham Medical School (2008 Alumni) and qualified as a GP in 2014.

Since then, he has gone onto work in several area’s of Primary Care including as a GP in A&E, Out of Hours (OOH), Standard Primary Care, outreach services and clinical navigation/triage. He says, "I have always been involved in the teaching of medical students and other allied health professionals in all roles".

His postgraduate qualifications include an MRCGP. Prior to Medical School Dave also did a year of medical research and published work in Angiogenesis (Cardiovascular Science).

Immunology and virology

Dr David Cartland MBChB BMedSci also has a First-Class Honours degree in Biomedical science that included a year of specialist immunology and microbiology/virology training including statistical analysis.

Between his two degrees Dr Cartland worked for a year in the angiogenesis research group at the University of Birmingham and he is a published author in angiogenesis research; he is a General Practitioner with some fourteen years’ experience.


Why did you choose to be a GP?

To provide holistic patient centred care, ‘Family’ doctor approach.

What makes a good day in the office for you?

Teamwork, looking out for each other ain addition for optimal patient care.

What piece of advice do you most often give to your patients?

Healthy body, healthy mind. We have become very disease centric in General Practice, lost focus on good nutrition, exercise, good mental health. I therefore believe in practicing preventative medicine. 

Languages spoken: