Private London GP

A caring and highly qualified doctor, he has a wealth of experience both in the NHS and as a private doctor.

He studied medicine at Guy’s, King’s and St Thomas’s Medical School, and worked as a Senior House Officer in bother general medicine and paediatrics before training as a General Practitioner, and becoming a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners.

Dr Raindi also holds a postgraduate diploma in dermatology.

Special interests in women’s health and screening

As a GP, Dr Raindi is passionate about the role preventative medicine has in keeping patients at their optimum levels of wellbeing. This includes ensuring those in his care have regular health screenings, so any illnesses can be picked up quickly and cured.

With experience in paediatrics and obstetrics and gynaecology, Dr Raindi also has an interest in mental health and the diagnosis and treatment of acute medical conditions.

Extensive knowledge

Passing on his extensive knowledge is also important Dr Raindi, and he works as an undergraduate tutor and examiner for medical students at University College London’s School of Medicine.

Dr Raindi’s ultimate aim is to give integrated and holistic care to his patients with the very best treatments as well as an understanding an open approach.

With Dr Raindi’s expert care, patients can enjoy optimum levels of good health and wellbeing.

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