An Addict to Treat an Addict

If the saying amongst recovery professionals, "only an addict can treat an addict" is right, then Sharon is ideally qualified. She now has over ten years of sound recovery, but as an addict in recovery herself with multiple cross-addictions, she knows what it is like to drop into the hell of active addiction to alcohol and heroin. Indeed, she should not still be alive. As a direct result of the damage caused by her addictions, despite the following years of recovery an infection caused her to go into organ failure and a nine month spell in intensive care at Addenbrookes Hospital. In 2006 she recived a liver transplant and unless the surgeons at Addenbrookes had been completely convinced of Sharon's strength of mind in recovery this would not have been an option.

Experience and Science of Addiction

Sharon has since been actively involved in a range of recovery positions. She has worked with vulnerable young women before moving to Centre 33 in Cambridge to help young people with addiction. She has gone on to formerly qualify in Generic Counselling and has Level 4 Integrative Counselling, whilst also manning the 24 hour National Drugs Helpline. She has worked for RAPT, specialising in recovery for prisoners before then attending Bath University where she attained a degree in Addiction Science.

Sharon also ran the Detox Unit at Broadway Lodge, and has subsequently worked for a number of leading rehabilitation centres including PROMIS Clinics, She is now based at The Mind Campus in Kent.

Special interest: Family systems and codependency

Languages spoken: