Pall Thor Jonsson

Addiction Therapist and Counsellor
Ericksonian Hypnotist and Accredited Counsellor

Pall 'Thor' Jonsson

Addiction Therapist, CBT Counsellor and Member of The American Alliance of Hypnotists

Pall works as an Addiction Therapist and Counsellor at Promis Clinics, where he is also the Assistant Manager at Withersdane Hall. Prior to moving to the UK, Pall founded the Family House Clinic in Iceland where he was also Chairman and Counsellor.

Pall, or 'Mighty Thor' to his friends is one of the most experienced international addiction counsellors. He has trained in a wide variety of therapeutic approaches including Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) and the Minnesota Model. He has advanced skills in many forms of addiction counselling with trauma and develops rapid rapport with his patients. He is the sort of person that people naturally like to gravitate towards.



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