Medical Qualifications

Mr Jayant Vaidya graduated from Bombay University and the National Board, India with qualifications in surgical oncology (MBBS MS DNB).

He went on to be awarded a PhD from London University for his research into targeted intraoperative radiotherapy (TARGIT or IORT) whereby radiotherapy is delivered to women at the time of surgery as opposed to usual post-operative radiotherapy.

Medical Experience and Training

Mr Vaidya has been awarded with Fellowship of the Royal College of Surgeons, UK and is a Reader in Breast Surgery and Oncology, and the Scientific Director for the Clinical Trials Group at University College London. His work at University College London is based on understanding how to treat breast cancer with minimal harm but maximum effect and as such is running a TARGIT trial to show that a single dose of radiotherapy during breast cancer surgery is more effective than a traditional six week course.

Mr Vaidya treats patients at the Whittington, Royal Free, University College London and the Princess Grace hospitals, London. At the London Breast Institute of the Princess Grace Hospital Mr Vaidya runs a One Stop Breast Clinic and treats emergency breast cancer cases.