Jef Mullins

Rehab Expert - Head of Training & Development
BA (hons) Humanities, Dip Psychodynamic Counselling, Dip Professional Studies Psychodynamics

International Rehab Expert, Jef Mullins is Chief Operations Officer for rehabs basd in Florida, and was formerly Head of Training and Development at Promis Clinics, and Treatment Director of TTP Communities Ltd, Europe's largest private provider of addiction treatment. Prior to this he was Director of the Weston Arts Festival and programme Director for a language school in Spain. Jef has double diplomas in Psychodynamic Counselling from the Westminster Pastoral Foundation and the University of Hertfordshire and holds a BA honours degree in Applied Linguistics and the History of Ideas. 

He is passionate about the synergy between treatment, education and employability and the importance of incorporating forward-facing goals and aspirations into treatment for Behavioural Health disorders and, perhaps unpopularly, the importance of achieving excellence in the support and management of staff, reporting systems and safe, professional practice within mental health settings.

On a lighter note, Jef feels at his happiest when traveling with his wife, Christine, spending time with his bulldog Poppy or when teaching anything to anybody. He works hard but would do it all for nothing and is probably most proud that he was shortlisted for the Queen's Award for Voluntary Services to the community for his work with the children's drama charity, Identity CAT.


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Articles written by Jef Mullins

The Need for Early Detox in Effective Addiction Therapy

Some people simply need to to get away from it all and immerse themselves in high quality residential care. Somewhere where they can have intensive, quality treatment during the most vulnerable first few days or weeks. Somewhere safe. Somewhere where they cannot drink or take drugs or hide behind their symptoms. When this is the best or only option, the environment of the clinic itself is a key factor.

How to Find the Best Rehab

What makes a good rehab? The path to medical detox from alcohol and drugs Choosing a good rehabilitation clinic for yourself or a loved one is an important and difficult decision, often made at a difficult and confusing time in your life when emotions are high and timing is everything. However, it’s a decision akin to choosing the right person to look after your young child, in that you are entrusting something very delicate and vital to the care of others: your life, your future and the quality of both those things. Just like with every important life decision, it is one you need to make carefully after research and consideration. Don’t just go the first one you contact, but, instead, phone or email a number of different clinics and, where possible, even visit one or two.  

Thinking of Recovery from Addiction

... or Taking the route less travelled. Jef explains the fundamental approach within mental health rehabilitation to helping patients to see, and feel the difference between appropriate and inappropriate thinking. Recovery starts with the decision to do things differently.