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Jane opened the first private dietetic clinic in the UK in 1991, establishing a highly successful, international specialist Nutrition and Dietetic practice that continues today.

She is well regarded for her work with those living with grave illnesses such as cancer, neurological degenerative conditions, eating disorders, heart disease, skin disorders, dementia, digestive illnesses, stroke and mental illness.  Jane supports patients from early diagnosis right through to end-of-life care, across all ages, including paediatric cancers, genetic disorders and early onset dementia.

She gives guidance to some of the world’s leading sportspeople, media professionals and entertainers, and has been David Beckham's personal dietitian and nutritionist.

Jane is the author of nine best-selling books, she has worked with Jamie Oliver contributing to several of his projects  such as the School meals revolution, which showed that power can bring about social change  Jane was a columnist for over a decade for The Daily Mail, Observer, The Times and The Mail on Sunday, and regularly contributes on TV. 

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