Personal approach statement

He served as the Head of two pediatric departments in Poland for five years. He has experience working in clinics in the United Kingdom. He has 10 years of experience providing telemedicine consultations ( – a member of the medical council, znany lekarz portal). The doctor has been awarded in Poland for the quality of medical consultations and telemedicine advice (znany lekarz portal, orły medycyny portal).

Additionally, the doctor conducts numerous clinical programs in Poland focused on modern antiallergic therapies as the Principal Investigator (including modern allergen desensitization).

Currently Dr also is during the course of studies of Dermatology specialty in Iheed Cambridge Education Group- Royal College of Physicians of Ireland.

Ph.D., allergy specialist, pediatrician, and GP during specialization studies in dermatology.

Dr. Tomasz Grzelewski graduated from the Medical University in Łódź. He specialized in allergology and defended his doctoral thesis with distinction. His innovative doctoral work was awarded by the Polish Society of Allergology. He has extensive, 20-year experience in diagnosing and treating most pediatric and allergological diseases (including desensitization).


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English Polish