Top London Psychiatrist

Dr Dmitri Popleyuk is a highly qualified Consultant Psychiatrist, who works within the NHS at the Maudsley, an internationally recognised centre of excellence in the field of mental health. 

Dr Popleyuk gained his first medical degree at Odessa Medical University. He went on train in psychiatry at the Maudsley and Royal Free Hospitals in London

Expert in Mental Health

As a psychiatrist at one of London's busiest teaching hospitals, Dr Popleyuk can help with a range of disorders from stress to schizophrenia. He can also provide psychotherapy for anyone who has issues that are affecting their happiness and emotional health.

Dr Popelyuk also has expertise in treating sexual dysfunction - providing assistance and lasting solutions for those who find their sexual issues and impulses are causing them and their loved ones problems.

Gender Dysphoria Specialist

For those who are experiencing distress because they feel their emotional and psychological gender does not match up to their assigned biological sex, Dr Popelyuk provides expert insight and help.

Addressing fundamental underlying physical and psychological factors in a confidential, non-judgmental and compassionate way is at the heart of Popelyuk’s treatment philosophy.

Individualised Treatment Plans

Each person’s sexuality is unique – naturally Dr Popelyuk will ensure that the treatment offered to each patient or couple is bespoke.

Favouring an integral approach, he offers psychosexual therapy, and when needed, the appropriate medication.

Privacy and discretion are of course fundamental to Dr Popelyuk when he cares for patients.



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