How Self-Empowerment Allows You to Achieve Fitness and Maintain Weight loss

Regarding Self-Image

You will never again think or feel the same way about your fitness or self-image.

I have successfully coached many people in overcoming the one thing that prevents them from achieving their dreams, ambition and goals in life… their wrongful thinking!

 Henry Ford once said “Whether you think you can or think you can’t, either way you are right”

This is a remarkable statement that millions of people have proved right! Think of how you and all your friends and colleagues have made New Year’s resolutions to “Lose a few pounds” or “Get fit this year”.  How many (including yourself) actually achieved and maintained this beyond April?  All of us try to achieve something by focusing on not having it … instead of focussing on the opposite.  Statements like “I’m never going to get fit because…” or “I’ve never been able to maintain my weight loss…” are by their very nature self-defeating! We have grown up in an environment that has, from a very early stage of development, focussed us on the negative way of thinking.

Contrast this way of thinking by listening to successful peoples’ speech. They use positive language….. they don’t make statements that use limiting words like “can’t; shouldn’t, aught not; impossible etc. Generally the millionaires of the world have failed at being successful more times than you have! The thing that sets them apart is that they don’t see failure as the stopping force. They use “failure” as a positive learning event of how not to do something! This motivates them to try something different at the next attempt. They change their way of thinking!

If you always do what you have always done, you will always get the same result.

Understanding this statement is paramount to taking the first step to self-empowerment!

For example.. you have with all the resolve needed, signed up to a gym in the past and then after a few weeks given up, then you do the very same thing the next year and actually expect to achieve a different outcome?  This is illogical and unhelpful thinking!

You start a diet regime only to give it up because it is too difficult to maintain because you are starving or not achieving the weight loss you wanted. Then after a period of time you do the same thing again only to get the same outcome.  Organisations have made millions of pounds providing well designed weight loss programs to people who are not able to maintain permanent weight loss because of wishful thinking.

The secret is… to exercise, eat, live, laugh, love and work with purpose, on purpose and for a purpose.

Change your thinking from focussing on not being fit to focussing on being fit. Imagine yourself at the perfect (for you) level of fitness. How would you feel? How would you look? What benefits would you be enjoying? What would you be able to do that you cannot do today? Who can help you achieve this?

Change your thinking from focussing on being overweight to focussing on being the right size and shape for you. Imagine you are at the best weight and size. How would you feel? How would you look? What benefits would you be enjoying? What would you be able to do that you cannot do today? Who can help you achieve this?



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