Amanda Heath

Art Facilitator
Art and Design, Customer Services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT)

Amanda Heath - Art Facilitator

Amanda Heath has various qualifications in Art and Design, Customer Services, Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Engineering and Business Administration, before undertaking her training in counselling.  Born in Pembury, Tonbridge, she has spent many years studying skills in Art to be able to deliver ‘Artistic Inspiration’ to a large target audience, before successfully setting up her own business in Arts, Crafts and Training.  Having worked with a number of people across many different sectors, she is now studying to qualify as a counsellor to complement her skills and abilities, when delivering ‘Artistic Inspiration’ as a complimentary service for clients suffering from a variety of addictions.

Amanda Heath now works at Withersdane Hall having closed down her business in Arts, Crafts and Design.  With her come her two dogs as she has been involved in providing a service in the field of Pets As Therapy (P.A.T) on a voluntary basis.  She has also worked with clients who have various learning difficulties, being able to help them overcome many daily challenges that most of us often take for granted in acts of normal daily life.  She has done this using her ability to be able to create ‘Artistic Inspiration’ to develop social and emotional intelligence for many individuals who have worked with her.

Phone: +44 (0)1233 779 024
Address: Withersdane, Wye, Kent, United Kingdom

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