Aaron Whalen

Shiatsu Practitioner
Diploma in Shiatsu, International Institute of Sports Therapists

Aaron Whalen, Shiatsu Expert and Recovery Specialist

While studying to be a massage and fitness professional, Aaron commenced his journey into shiatsu in the early 1990's. He combined a passion for understanding the complexities of anatomy with how whole 'systems' within the body work together. What Aaron loves about shiatsu is the flow and size of the subject and how this provides an ideal environment to connect with clients at the levels required to assist recovery.

Experienced Shiatsu Practitioner

Aaron has worked for PROMIS Clinics and Withersdane Hall for over six years now and thoroughly enjoys working with appropriate teams of professionals caring for patients suffering from a range of mental health and addictive pathologies.

Treating patients with addiction requires excellent levels of insight into the nature of the disease and Aaron has his own story.  He grew up around the illness of addiction in his own family and suffered early bereavement as a result.  He says, "I struggled with my own demons of addiction including substance abuse for twenty years.  I have, however, now been in recovery for twelve years and have a profound, perhaps unique insight into addiction.  As a child I witnessed the effects addiction has on families and how this impacted on me".

Releasing Stagnated Tension

Aaron is passionate about how shiatsu can be a positive influence at every stage of recovery, and as part of an overall therapeutic approach for people suffering with anxiety and depression. In his experience, Aaron explains that Shiatsu is a form of body work generally performed fully clothed on a futon. Shiatsu actually means finger pressure. A practitioner will perform a basic diagnosis of what is happening for that client and then either give a calming, slow, deep treatment or if needed, stretching and gentle rocking to open and release stagnation or tension.

Pressure points maybe used to invigorate or bring energy or aid circulation. The therapeutic approach is usually applied to the full body although some areas can be targeted specifically if needed. Aaron says, "I tend to work a lot on helping people feel supported, held, calm and relaxed, really working on settling the nervous system . Often there is trauma or shock locked into the body mind and shiatsu is very good for giving a safe secure place and time to help resolve those issues."

Aaron is also a keen participant in yoga meditation and qi gong. He is also active in martial arts, which is the perfect outlet for his in-depth understanding and development of how body and mind should work together in harmony.

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